A creativity school



A poetry education is a fun and specialized way for students to gain crucial language skills, like critical reading  and expressive writing. Poetry teaches children concision, to think in image, and how to use language in fresh, original ways. It teaches them to loosen their creative muscles, and not be afraid to experiment.

As a practicing poet, I bring to my classes a deep knowledge of craft, pedagogy shaped by K-12 and college classrooms, and an understanding of what it means to be a poet at any age.


I guide poetry workshops with a combination of play and advanced craft. Adapted for children from the original Iowa Writers’ Workshop model, we start every 90-min session by reading, as a class, the work of contemporary poets writing today. We discuss the poem, and I offer a series of prompts that are meant to help launch ideas.  The children write, receive personalized feedback and edits, learn how to edit work, and publish.

Class Structure

WHO: Children aged 9-14, class size capped at 9

WHAT: 6-week (Summer) or 8-week (Spring, Fall) once a week, 90-min poetry workshops where children will:

  • Read and discuss poems not traditionally taught in an English classroom, by contemporary poets writing today

  • Write their own poems in class during Quiet Writing Time based on dynamic weekly prompts

  • Participate in an “editing workshop” where they revise their own work

  • Receive personalized feedback and edits on their work

  • Publish a revised poem

WHERE: Class Space in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

WHEN: Wednesdays 3:30-5pm, Starting on September 7

WHY: So many things in modern life all involve highly sought-after language skills. A poetry education is a fun, specialized way to gain crucial language skills.