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A creativity school



Ninth House offers:

A new way of looking at children:

No talking down! We treat children as fully-realized people.

A concrete and expansive space for children to amplify the creative dimensions of their minds

We teach creativity and language skills like:

  • concision

  • expression

  • expansion

  • figurative understanding

  • imagistic thinking

Adapted for children from the original Iowa Writers' Workshop model, children learn:

  • poems by contemporary, living poets

  • to write their own work

  • to edit their work

  • to live as published poets

Class Structure

WHO: Children aged 9-14, class size capped at 9

WHAT: 6-week (Summer) or 8-week (Spring, Fall) once a week, 90-min poetry workshops where children will:

  • Read and discuss poems not traditionally taught in an English classroom, by contemporary poets writing today

  • Write their own poems in class during Quiet Writing Time based on dynamic weekly prompts

  • Participate in an “editing workshop” where they revise their own work

  • Receive personalized feedback and edits on their work

  • Publish a revised poem

WHERE: Class Space in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

WHEN: Wednesdays 3:30-5pm

Class Structure
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